Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sinfully Sexy May Hot Picks: Don't... & Antidote

May Hot Picks
The gorgeous ladies and gent over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews have very kindly chosen Don't... and Antidote as  May Hot Picks, and my novels are there, sittig among some very excellent authors and novels (so huge humbled blushes).

This is just a huge thanks to Monique, Macky, Mark, and Tina over at Sinfully Sexy!

Thank you!!! (Hope you don't my borrowing of your picture!)

Monday, 16 June 2014

His_ M/M Romance Download links for Free Novella

Just a quick update: my contribution to the M/M Group's Love's Landscapes:  His  is now available for free download from their main distribution site: M/M Romance Group: His, by Jack L. Pyke

There's Mobi, PDF, and ePub formats available

There's also a whole host of other authors on there supporting this M/M Goodreads Dear-Author challenge, certainly enough to keep me busy for a few months anyway. :)

Just a reminder that it's contemporary BDSM, novella length, and the dear author letter itself is being used for the blurb. :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Released on Goodreads: His (free BDSM novella for Loves Landscapes)

This year's Dear-Author challenge is in full swing over on the M/M Goodreads group, with a host of authors supplying hours of gorgeous free m/m reading material.

Among a few other releases today, my contribution this year: His, is out in the wild too.  At first, it's just available Here through the M/M group itself (you'll need to join in order to read it). But in a week's time, it will be free to download from the m/m goodread's publishing site. (I'll update with with links as they come in.)

Being BDSM contemporary, it comes with a high on kink (and kidnap) level.

I don't have a blurb this year, as full credit should go to Kim Alan, the lovely lady who provided the prompt and (damn tempting) photo. And to use her words:

Dear Author,

He offers such a pure, unfettered submission to the man strong enough to tame him; he’s the best thing that ever happened to this powerful (read: spoiled) Dom. Still... even the best of Doms aren’t infallible, and this one almost lost his beautiful boy. He straightened his head out quickly enough, but by then his boy wasn’t quite so forgiving. If his stubborn sub is so damn resistant to reason, drastic measures are called for… right? What choice does a desperate Dom have but to resort to a tiny bit of kidnapping, and a wee touch of restraint and, well… I’ll let the author decide what else it’ll take to get them to their HEA.

Please no cheating or third parties, and a HEA is a must. Beyond that, author, push our boundaries as far as you dare. And yes, you may take that as a challenge.


Yes it plays with kidnap, yes I will stop kidnapping guys and doing wicked things to them one of these days, and yes -- it doesn't play by the rules. But then life rarely does, let alone fiction.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

May Recommended Read: Antidote, From Prism Book Alliance

May Recommended Read 
I'm just going to say a huge thanks to Brandilyn Carpenter and Caroline Brand over at Prism Book Alliance for Choosing Antidote to humbly sit amongst great authors for their May Recommended Read.

It's really special to see, as I know Antidote is a very tough and hard read on readers.

So... *Blushes* and a huge, huge thank you, guys!!!