Monday, 6 October 2014

Rainbow Award Finalist & Honorable Mention Award for Antidote

COMPLETELY FLOORED!! I'm still stunned from hearing this, to the ANTIDOTE manage to pick up an Honorable Mention Award at the 2014 Rainbow Awards, but she also made it as a Finalist in the Gay Mystery/Thriller catergory!! Alongside this, the stunning Lynn Kelling and her FORGIVE US novel (that borrows my Don't boys), also earned a fine Honorable Mention Award -- and made the Finalist list!
point I'm still  tentatively asking 'you sure?' Not ony did

It's really, really special to see both Society of Masters novels up there, and amongst such fine, outstanding authors too. Not to mention it's also double the fun for Lynn, as MY BROTHER'S LOVER is also on the Finalist list!
Hand on heart, I honestly thought Antidote would be too dark, too brutal, (and I know where Lynn's thoughts were going with My Brother's Lover too!), so I echo her words by saying: it's so damn good to see such an open-minded judging panel!

For Antidote's Honorable Mention Award, the judge's comments were gorgeous!

"Yes, this book is brutal, and painfully so, but the brutality is never glamorized. The intensity of emotion in this book is raw and honest. The main characters made me care deeply for their plight, although the antagonists were also well-drawn and not cardboard cutouts. Overall, an impressive story that gripped me from the beginning and makes me want to read the other books in the series."

So Again, just a huge thank you to those over at the 2014 Rainbow Awards for being so open to the darker side of romance! It's such a pleasure to see!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Handmade Bookmarks, Sinful Hot Picks, and SoM Merchandise

I had these gorgeous handmade bookmarks sent to me from a huge fan of the Don't... series (thank you again, Sue! They're gorgoeus). Bloody lovely how Jack gets a spanner, Jan a rose, Gray some handcuffs, and me... I get the flogger (I swear it's the only one I own!!!!). *huge grin*


Along with with this gorgeous gift, Macky from over at Sinfully Sexy Book reviews picked Breakdown for August Hot Pick! There's some other smshing authors in the Hot Pick, and a giveaway, if you're interested!!!

Society of Masters Merchandise

And on top of all that... there's some SoM T-shirts and stickers now available!!! It's soooo strange to see our concepts and creations getting out there in the wild like this... And if you do venture to buy aything -- pictures please!!!! :)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Breakdown. August Recommended Read: Prism Book Alliance

August Recommended Read
Amongst some fine authors, Breakdown has been given August Recammended Read over at Prism Book Aliance. This is just to say a huge thank to Caroline Brand and Brandilyn Carpenter for taking the time to read and review. I'm so humbled to get a mention.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Voting Time: 2nd Round: 2014 Sex Scene Championship

Vote Here
It's Part 2 of the 2014 Sex Scene Championships, and I'm up against a lovely lass -- Kathy Lyons-- going KO with her to find out who goes through to Part 3. If you'd like to read both sexed-up extracts and have a vote on who goes through, it would be really great to see you over there. Voting only lasts for 48 hours, with both extracts being found here: Sex Scene Championship Part 2 Round 3 : Jade Lee writing as Kathy Lyons (@JadeLeeAuthor) and Jack L.Pyke

Saturday, 23 August 2014

1st Live Author Chat

Click here for Chat Room Link. Password: Jack
Okay, this'll be my first official author chat on my own. Being on 8/25 at 8-10 EST time, which makes it 1-3 a.m. UK time my end (early Tuesday morning), it will probably also be open to "It'll be all right on the Night" comments from my side. :)

If you have any questions on the Don't... series, or just want to come and say hi, it will be great to see you over there.

The link o thet chat room is here: Chat: Jack L. Pyke, And the password is Jack.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Release: Breakdown (and a host of giveaways)

Buy Link
Can't believe it's here already! But today (19th August) Breakdown goes live! It's the third novel in the Don't... series, and it ties very closely to Antidote, bringing in the five very hard months for Jack and Jan away from Gray. I say away from Gray, but he's there. In his very unique way -- he's always there.

Breadown also brings in my start to the Society of Masters, and connections to Lynn Kelling's gorgeous Deliver Us series! After meeting Gray, Jack, and Jan over in America in Forgive Us, Trace makes a cameo appearance in Breakdown, which then sets up the main shared world journey between them all in the last of my Don't series: Gray Matters.

Breakdown has already received some outstanding reviews, and some are offering some cracking giveaways:

Breakdown: Sinfully Sexy Book Revwies: set paperback giveaway & Review
Breakdown: Lynn Kelling: Behind the scene look at Breakdown (ebook giveaway)
Breakdown: Attention is Arbitrary: gorgoeus ARC review 
Breakdown: Baba first Goodreads ARC review

There are a lote more giveaways to come, plus an interview! Links will posted as they are published!

Just for a reminder on what's to come: Breakdown

The evidence is there in his hands: the DVD and notepad convincing Jack that Gray is responsible for his kidnapping and torture, tearing Jack and Jan brutally apart. But with Jack trapped in his own mind, lost to blackouts and self-harming, getting away from Gray must take a back seat to getting away from himself.

While locked away in a secret facility run by the Masters' Circle, a new beast is unearthed from the depths of Jack's tormented past. Martin only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide, a psychopath as capable of ruining Jack's life as he is of defending him. Martin is the repository for Jack's most horrifying memories, protecting him from the bloody tasks Jack can't handle. Martin's purpose is to drive everyone Jack fears - or loves - away, before they get the chance to hurt Jack again.

Now Jack hurts more than he ever has before, Martin is back, and Jack has to figure out what Martin knows that Jack forgot, before it's too late. (M/M)

It's avaiable in all formats and at all good distribution sites!

A special and final thank you to my readers! Your support has completely and utterly floored me!!! I've made some fantastic friends along the way: huge mention to Sue Bowdley for running the Society of Masters fan club over on Facebook; also to Kathy Kyle Mcfarland who took such gorgeous time to produce a fan book trailer of Breakdown. (Still makes me fill up seeing it, Kathy!) And also to all those in the M/M Depraved Minds Club over on Facebook too! You're such a fantastic group of people (I love it over there, Louis and Justjen!)! V, as always -- huge, huge thanks! And also to LisaT, who has stepped in to help share posts when I've found I've been caught off gaurd with timing!!!! And to Carol over on Goodreads, who was of the first to show such kindness!

Fuck Monique! I'm feeling a wee bit speechless at the moment. Does blown away sound the right statement about this book or is that not even enough? - See more at:
Fuck Monique! I'm feeling a wee bit speechless at the moment. Does blown away sound the right statement about this book or is that not even enough? - See more at:

Monday, 11 August 2014

2014 Sex Scenes Championship_Voting Time

Okay, I thought I was going up on the 12th, but I went up on the 11th instead. It's 2014 Sex Scene Championship, where a whole load of authors offer a snippet of sex scene from our published work, we fight it out, and hope you lovely guys come along and vote!

Mine is a scene from Don't... and boy was it hard to find a scene that didn't have a threesome in it.

If you have the time, please go vote! If not for me, then for someone else in the competition. It's a load of fun, with loads of prizes up for grabs!

The link to my sex-scene knockout stage is here: Jack L. Pyke, 2014 Sex Scene Championship.

I'm really late doing this, so -- sorry! Please go vote!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Breackdown Release Date and Pre-order

I've just got word that a date for Breakdown (Don't... book 3) has been released: 19th of August. And pre-order is now available. (ARCs are also going out today to reviewers! So... *bites fingernails and toes*.)

This novel sees my part of the Society of Masters, with the lovely Lynn Kelling, come more into play, with a cameo appearance from the delicious Trace.

For those slightly curious, here's the pre-order link:

Forbidden Fition: Breakdown: Pre-order. 


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sinfully Sexy May Hot Picks: Don't... & Antidote

May Hot Picks
The gorgeous ladies and gent over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews have very kindly chosen Don't... and Antidote as  May Hot Picks, and my novels are there, sittig among some very excellent authors and novels (so huge humbled blushes).

This is just a huge thanks to Monique, Macky, Mark, and Tina over at Sinfully Sexy!

Thank you!!! (Hope you don't my borrowing of your picture!)

Monday, 16 June 2014

His_ M/M Romance Download links for Free Novella

Just a quick update: my contribution to the M/M Group's Love's Landscapes:  His  is now available for free download from their main distribution site: M/M Romance Group: His, by Jack L. Pyke

There's Mobi, PDF, and ePub formats available

There's also a whole host of other authors on there supporting this M/M Goodreads Dear-Author challenge, certainly enough to keep me busy for a few months anyway. :)

Just a reminder that it's contemporary BDSM, novella length, and the dear author letter itself is being used for the blurb. :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Released on Goodreads: His (free BDSM novella for Loves Landscapes)

This year's Dear-Author challenge is in full swing over on the M/M Goodreads group, with a host of authors supplying hours of gorgeous free m/m reading material.

Among a few other releases today, my contribution this year: His, is out in the wild too.  At first, it's just available Here through the M/M group itself (you'll need to join in order to read it). But in a week's time, it will be free to download from the m/m goodread's publishing site. (I'll update with with links as they come in.)

Being BDSM contemporary, it comes with a high on kink (and kidnap) level.

I don't have a blurb this year, as full credit should go to Kim Alan, the lovely lady who provided the prompt and (damn tempting) photo. And to use her words:

Dear Author,

He offers such a pure, unfettered submission to the man strong enough to tame him; he’s the best thing that ever happened to this powerful (read: spoiled) Dom. Still... even the best of Doms aren’t infallible, and this one almost lost his beautiful boy. He straightened his head out quickly enough, but by then his boy wasn’t quite so forgiving. If his stubborn sub is so damn resistant to reason, drastic measures are called for… right? What choice does a desperate Dom have but to resort to a tiny bit of kidnapping, and a wee touch of restraint and, well… I’ll let the author decide what else it’ll take to get them to their HEA.

Please no cheating or third parties, and a HEA is a must. Beyond that, author, push our boundaries as far as you dare. And yes, you may take that as a challenge.


Yes it plays with kidnap, yes I will stop kidnapping guys and doing wicked things to them one of these days, and yes -- it doesn't play by the rules. But then life rarely does, let alone fiction.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

May Recommended Read: Antidote, From Prism Book Alliance

May Recommended Read 
I'm just going to say a huge thanks to Brandilyn Carpenter and Caroline Brand over at Prism Book Alliance for Choosing Antidote to humbly sit amongst great authors for their May Recommended Read.

It's really special to see, as I know Antidote is a very tough and hard read on readers.

So... *Blushes* and a huge, huge thank you, guys!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Released: Antidote

Okay, here it is. Antidote is officially released today. It's the sequel to the award-winning Don't..., where both of these novels also tie into the Society of Masters' project and Lynn Kelling's recent release Forgive Us (she borrows my boys).

Strong -- very strong warnings are ahead: this is a dark psychological thriller, emphasis on the 'exceedingly dark' and then never more so on the 'psychological mind games'. I can't be honest enough when I advise: this is a brutal book that looks at psychological deconstruction. Don't go there if this is a trigger. There is non-con in this.

Along with the warnings, there's a wee little more detail:

Title: Antidote
Author: Jack L. Pyle
Genre: Dark psychological erotic romance thiller
Length: novel
Formats: paperback and all ebook formats.
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction.
Links:  Fantastic Fiction Publishing  (Amazon etc also avaible soon)

Videos of Jack having sex with a man who mutilated teenagers for fun should have stayed dead and buried, just like the man who filmed them. Yet when footage of Jack’s past starts appearing on Internet porn sites, Jack’s whole world is again turned on its head.

At first, the videos merely unsettle Jack’s fire and ice world of Gray Raoul’s BDSM kink and Jan Richards’ gentle, vanilla touch. But when the videos get more extreme, even Gray turns his back on Jack, isolating him from the full protection of the Masters’ Circle. Jack soon finds himself at the mercy of a group of men set on altering Jack’s perceptions of BDSM— and himself—as brutally as possible.

Jack’s sex life is now on camera for a whole new audience.

Something was seriously wrong. Something out of that book had Jack climbing up the walls, enough to tear up over fifteen grand’s worth of art history. Part of me didn’t want to know, another part of me had to know.

Noise came from the living room, the kind of grunts and groans off a TV you’d turn down at night time so no one else would hear you, and I slowed my pace.

Side-on to me, Gray was standing by his laptop with his arms folded, his face giving nothing away. I frowned, but couldn’t quite bring myself to go over.

“DVD?” I said quietly, resting against the doorframe, but Gray shook his head.

“Porn site.”

My heart fell. Amongst the recently posted, there was a screen shot of a painfully young-looking Jack. Gray homed in on the title for a moment, enough for me to read it from here. It was the same intro found on most sites, yet somehow very much in a class of its own.


…love the Cub in slap-kink with Bear.

I rested my head against the frame, just hugging my stomach, and watched as Gray clicked on the play button.

A simple master bedroom came on screen. It allowed room for a bed with a brass frame and headboard, made up with crisp white duvet covers and soft pillows. Each side had a bedside unit, and a lamp was on one, but barely added much light to the cream-coloured room.

Three men heated life up in there. Well, two men and a young boy just touching eighteen. One man sat in the corner, watching what was going on in the bed, a smile plastering his face as he stroked his hard-on. He was naked, but then so were the two people writhing on the bed.

Cutter was an easy spot. Mark Shaw had him bang to rights as a thug who loved to cut up young men: a skinhead, three times bigger than Jack, and most of the muscle looking as hard and as up for it as what went on between his thighs. He had a tattooed scalp, some political racist slur that ran down his neck, and Jack, he was the naked teen struggling underneath him.

Jack’s hair was longer, wilder, his body youthfully thinner, still deeply tanned and coated in a thin sheen of sweat. Cutter had just flipped him onto all fours, his arm snaking roughly around Jack’s neck, his free hand pulling at Jack’s hair to twist his head and get access to his mouth. He kissed hard, rutting just as rough, pausing from his kiss only to grin at the youth he held.

“Want it, boy?”

“Not tonight, luv,” said Jack, smiling, “got a headache.” A growl, Cutter shifted, tossing Jack onto his back, and Jack’s dick came into full view. My heart sank, because for all of the fight Jack offered, he wanted it. He wore nothing but this black rope necklace with a black cross sleeping on a bigger silver one. Tiny sterling-silver balls, three one side, three on the other, gave it that youthful look, a little expensive too. I didn’t look below that necklace again. Jack looked young, way too fucking young for me to focus on anything lower than that necklace.

“Smart-mouth fuck.” Cutter slapped at Jack’s cheek, but Jack only grinned a little more. It won him a harder slap. “What you got for me now, boy?”

Jack nipped at Cutter’s jaw, feeding it.

Another slap, this last one was hard enough to snap Jack’s head to the side and leave a stinging redness to his cheek. “Oooh,” groaned Cutter, “like it, don’t you, boy?” His hand crushed between Jack’s thighs, making him groan. “Yeah, like it rough alright, don’t you, Jack?”

Even his name hadn’t been cut from public viewing.

Antidote's release also coincides with the release of Lynn Kelling's Divine Surrender, where the gorgeous Ben Knox comes out to play for the first time:

When Ben Knox discovers a clean-cut, blond, apparently-straight teenager named Kyle Roth in his office, looking for a professional Dominant, instinct draws him in. Since the exceedingly particular Kyle has already passed on fellow Dominants-for-hire, Gabriel and Trace, Ben digs down beneath first impressions to expose Kyle’s true motivations. Reassured by Ben’s straightforward approach, Kyle demonstrates his willingness to obey and, quickly, their contract is signed. But, skillful as Kyle is at masquerading as the person the world expects him to be out of self-preservation, Ben has plenty of experience dealing with bruised souls. Kyle’s bruises, though, go deep and the vulnerable darkness that Kyle tries to hide lures Ben in and takes them both farther than either is prepared to go.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Release: Forgive Us by Lynn Kelling

And here we have it: Forgive Us. It's the first installment of the Society of Masters, with Lynn Kelling borrowing my boys from Don't and... playing! I've read it; I've loved it; I've got a serious case of needing more Trace, more Micah, more Gabe, more Dare, more Kyle -- so much more of Ben "sexed-up" Knox -- and all the heat that comes with Lynn's boys. Add into the mix my boys: Gray, Jack, and Jan and... aye, aye-aye! I can understand the steam coming off the guy on the cover there.

I'm giving nothing away about how Lynn works my boys in this, but I will say I receive no financial gain from Lynn borrowing my characetrs. Lynn receives no financial gain from how I will use hers in the upcoming Breakdown, then Gray Matters. We do, however, get to cross worlds and have a whole lot of BDSM fun in the process...

Tiltle: Forgive Us
Author Lynn Kelling
Series: Deliver Us: Books 3 
Also part of: The Society of Masters
Genre: M/M BDSM Contemporary
Length: Novel
Buy Link: Fantastic Fiction 
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction

To everyone else, Trace is an enigmatic and carefully controlled Dominant. He runs Diadem, a private BDSM club, is a Master and mentor to his fellow Doms and their lovers—Gabriel, Darrek, Ben, and Kyle—while trying to be Master and lover for Micah. Trace is the one to step in when anything or anyone threatens his closest friends, yet he realizes he is in over his head when haunting events of the past endanger everyone's lives. Trace is forced to call on old connections for help from the world he tried to leave behind—the Master's Circle in England. Tensions rise to a fever pitch as Trace's hidden truths shake up the lives of everyone in his tangled, tight-knit family.
For over a decade, Trace, the founder of private BDSM club Diadem, has been living under an assumed name with hardly any ties to his past as a prostitute and Master’s Sub with the Master’s Circle. It’s a mix of chemistry, burning passion and decadent distractions which ignite the spark of hope that old wounds can heal, forgiveness might still be had, and that the future is full of tempting possibilities.


“Stand up. Relax,” he tells Micah, speaking with authority in order to cut through anything causing Micah to doubt himself.

“Sir.” Micah gets to his feet, standing straight as an arrow, his caramel-brown eyes unfocused, his attention caught on something internal. A frown line creases Micah’s brow and dark circles are visible under his eyes. Trace knows the worry about Kyle, Darrek, and Gabriel has been eating at Micah, but that doesn’t explain the look of him entirely. There has to be something else going on, but Trace can’t handle anything else. There’s already too much wrong.

With a heavy, exhausted sigh, Trace wraps a hand around Micah’s jaw. It’s warm and rough to the touch, covered in dark stubble. The tilt of his head, the downward cast of his gorgeous eyes, ringed with dark, thick eyelashes, the sensual shape of his lips—it’s so intoxicating. There’s something there, Trace knows, in the spark of rightness between them. The balance of give and take, the equality of what each of them brings and gives away freely to the other, makes sense in so many ways everything else does not. It’s more effective shelter from the forces seeking to harm them than any house or physical structure could ever be. Simple, pure, safety and unconditional acceptance is what they each provide.

Together at last, they can each breathe a little easier. The weight of dread lessens, if only for a moment.

“Can I just check something real quick, before we talk? Didn’t think you’d be here, love. It’ll only take a minute.”

“Of course,” Micah murmurs, barely audible, looking like he’s trying not to cry, making Trace want to scream with rage at the unfairness of it all.

This fuckin’ day. This fuckin’ life.

Trace walks into the adjoining room where his computer is plugged in. He boots it up and keeps Micah in view while he waits. Dressed in khaki pants and a pristine, button-down, light blue shirt which suits his olive complexion perfectly, Micah stands there in the middle of the room like someone’s been beating on him. His outward appearance is so refined, but inside he’s in pieces, held together with wisps of hope. It’s a look Trace might not know, but Patrick does. That thousand yard stare, the wear and tear on the soul, it implies bad shit and hard times.

Turning his attention to the task at hand with effort, instinct telling him to go, and love Micah’s pain away, no matter what it takes to make it happen, Trace forces himself to focus on his desk. Booting up his computer and opening his internet browser, Trace checks an email account—the one he shares with Yasha to pass messages back and forth safely.

The account has been deleted.

“Fuck,” he hisses, pounding a fist on the desk, wanting to scream again, but managing not to. It’s expected but shitty nonetheless. If Yasha is really out of the game, the biggest, best way to make a clean break is to delete all of the accounts tying him to people like Patrick.

He checks the next email account that comes to mind, and the next, and the next. He goes through the whole mental list, finishing with the one he shares with Nicholai, the man who had been Patrick’s Master. The accounts are all the same. No change, no new messages. The latest messages are the ones Patrick left for the others. None have been read. No activity. No new information. It’s as quiet as the grave.

It’s not good.

The feeling of being stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, with no one aware of where he is or how he’s surviving, used to be comforting. It’s not anymore. Now isolation only breeds desperation and dread, and mostly because his island now has multiple inhabitants, all of them counting on him to get them through. Little do they know they’re relying on such a basketcase.

“Okay. It’s okay. Priorities. Protect the family. Keep the kids safe,” he murmurs under his breath, a mantra. There’s a locked file on his desktop. He clicks on it, types in the password. Information spills out, flooding the screen. It’s all there—beautiful, glorious fact. He skims it, just to ground himself, to remember what’s true. The information on that screen narrows the possibilities about what could be happening with Gabriel and Darrek. But he can’t tell them about it. He can’t tell anybody.

At least his focus has been narrowed. The path he must take becomes clearer.

He closes the file. He closes his browser. He shuts down the machine.

At last, he doesn’t have to fight the pull on his heartstrings any longer. He leaves the rest of his worries behind and goes to find out what’s wrong with Micah.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Cover Reveal: Breakdown: Don't: Book 3

I know Antidote's being released in a few weeks, and y'all haven't read it yet, but...

I just wanted to reveal the cover for Don't 3: 


It's changed from the title Splintered Kisses, but this one kind of grabs the short curlies on the dark and dirty content a lot more. We're also at proofing stages with this beauty, so fingers crossed, it won't be long before it's available too.

The blurb will be along shortly, but I can say that this one ties in very closely to Antidote. And for the few who have read Antidote, four little words:

Jack, Gray -- meet Martin.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Release: His Highland Wolf, by Kailin Morgan

There's two things I'm a complete book whore over: wolves and men in kilts. 

His Highland Wolf looks like it's pulling out all of the punches on that score. This novella comes from a Scottish lass, Ms. Kailin Morgan, who knows her Scottish history and tradition. And for a sneak look under the kilt-filled cover, there's a blurb and extract below.
There's also a chance to win a free copy over at Forbidden Fiction, where an interview is taking place with Ms. Morgan: Kailin Morgan Interview. Just leave a comment over there to be in with a chance of winning.

 Title: His Highland Wolf
Author: Kailin Morgan
Length: Novella
Genre: M/M Supernatural, Romance,  Historical, Paranormal.
Buy link: His Highland Wolf 
        His Highland Wolf 
Author link: Kailin Morgan
Euan, second son of an outcast Highland chieftain, was poaching deer rather than face starvation when a pack of werewolves hunted him down. After pledging his fealty to the pack, Euan discovered his new family was in danger from the political forces aligned against them. While trying to protect the pack, Euan caught a runaway, Tristan, who had escaped him once before. Tristan is carrying a secret that could save or damn them all, but he is also going to change Euan’s life in less expected ways.
Euan remained steady as the man awoke. The man’s body went instantly still as he registered the press of steel against the tender skin of his throat. His eyes jerked open and Euan watched his gaze find him, knowing that all his captive would see was the broad sweep of Euan’s shoulders against the soft glow of the dawn sky. Euan stifled a smile as he watched the other man try to raise his hands as much as he could even as he was trapped beneath the tree and Euan’s blade.
      Euan backed up slowly, allowing his captive to slide his body from under the tree. Euan kept the sharp steel blade pressed against the stranger’s throat, dissuading him from any thoughts of escape. He blinked as the man slipped his legs out, and couldn't stop his gaze from running down the long, lean muscles shown off by the breeches that clung lovingly to his shape. Euan realised, that once they were standing, the man would be taller than he was.
      The young man kept moving slowly across the ground, shifting around as well as sideways. It was what Euan expected him to do, moving so that the growing brightness was no longer at Euan’s back. Euan let the point of his knife bite deeper, on the very edge of drawing blood and his prisoner shuffled back, his spine colliding with the fallen trunk. His breath huffed out then stopped altogether when he finally met Euan’s cool stare.
      The sudden burst of scents from the other man made Euan want to sneeze and he fought the urge to rub at his nose. The bright spike of shock overrode the bitter smell of fear which had flooded out first, followed by a confusion of pheromones. Emotions swept across the man's face, his almond shaped eyes widening in awareness, before dropping closed as something else flickered, too swiftly for Euan to identify it. Then a soft flush coloured the young man’s cheeks, the overriding feeling becoming that of anger.
      Something niggled at the back of Euan's mind, his wolf growling for attention. He could see the other man staring in confusion as Euan turned away from him, his head tilting to one side, listening to something only he could hear.
      “Quick, on yer feet. Now!” The press of steel backed up Euan's urgent whisper and the young man struggled upright, Euan stepping back slightly to allow him to move.
      “Move. In front, quick as ye can. Dinnae think of running though; if I don't catch ye, the soldiers coming down the road surely will.”
      Euan watched as hazel eyes flickered back towards the road, then the taller man’s eyes widened in surprise as he finally picked up the faintest sounds of marching feet, the jingle of harness.
      “May I take my belongings?” he waved a hand at the bag he had been using as a pillow, the leather soft and worn with age.
      “Aye, leave no trace. Now, walk.” The point of Euan's dagger jabbed into his captive’s back and he moved forward, back into the trees, as indicated.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pre-Order Available: Antidote & Forgive Us

Antidote and Lynn Kelling's Forgive Us (that introduces Jack, Jan and Gray into her Deliver Us seires) are now available for pre-order. *Does a little pre-order dance*

*Whispers* If they're pre-ordered and bought through the the publishing site, both Lynn and I take home a higher royalty percentage. (hint-hint!)

Antidote can be pre-ordered (earning double Fantastic Fiction points for all pre-orders) from here: Fantastic Fiction: Antidote. (Published 13th May)

Forgive Us can be pre-orderd (earning the same double points) from here: Fantastic Fiction: Forgive Us. (Published 6th May).

Ms. Kelling's novel will definitely be using Jack, Jan, and Gray to the full in her novel. I've read it. Loved it. And highly recommend it. Go see what the boys get up to in America first!

Disclaimer: although I have seen Ms. Kelling work her magic on my characters, I earn no profit from Ms. Kelling's novel, and Ms. Kelling none from mine. We have no financial ties in this shared-world project, just an innvestment to share characters, worlds, and have a heap of fun in the process.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Antidote Release Date

Antidote has been given a release date for May 13th 2014.

For those of you who would like to know, there's a 'Coming Soon' page on the publisher's website, Forbidden Fiction, so if there are any possibe changes to this date, any change will be noted there.

Antidote is the sequel to Don't..., and it is also a minor part in  the Society of Masters project with Lynn Kelling. Lynn Kelling's Forgive Us is the main novel in the SoM project.

Tiltle: Antidote
Genre: M/M BDSM Dark Thriller
Length: Novel
Formats: Print/ebook

Antidote Blurb:

Video footage of Jack Harrison sleeping with Cutter, a man who has mutilated teenagers, should have stayed dead and buried with the man who had filmed it. Yet when footage to Jack’s past starts appearing on Internet porn sites, Jack’s whole world is again turned on its head. At first the porn links are done to unsettle, to disrupt Jack’s fire and ice world: all the sexed-up adrenaline of being caught between the pleasure to Gray Raoul's BDSM kink, and the gentleness of Jan Richards’ vanilla touch. But when the content of the porn sites force even Gray to turn his back on Jack, leaving Jack isolated and away from the full protection of the Master’s Circle, Jack is left at the mercy of a group of men who are out to alter Jack’s whole perception on his BDSM lifestyle.

As brutally as possible, Jack’s sex life is now live webcam feed for a whole new audience

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cover Reveal: His, by Jack L. Pyke (Explicit Imagery also contained)

Oh-kay... It's that time of the year where the M/M Goodreads' group event comes alive: the Don't Read in the Closet, where all works produced will be free -- and that makes for one huge supply of free m/m reading material from some of my favourite authors.

The basics of the challenge is... a reader chooses a photo and writes a Dear Author letter in order to prompt an author to write the story. After that, a bunch of authors run around shouting 'claim' -- it gets savage, lol!

This year the event itself is titled Love's Landscapes, and I managed to fall on such a gorgeous letter and photo prompt (both are below)

First off, the title of my free novella couldn't be simpler:


And that be the cover up there. (A huge -- huge thank you here to Elena Giorgi for my cover art!!). It's full-on M/M BDSM contemporary erotic romance, with a little (okay -- a lot) of psych-play.

Kim Alan is the lovely author/reader who supplied the letter and photo that I managed to claim, and if you're interested, both are coming up below for you to have a look at and see where this particular story will be going -- (be warned, though,  EXPLICIT IMAGERY below).


Dear Author,

He offers such a pure, unfettered submission to the man strong enough to tame him; he’s the best thing that ever happened to this powerful (read: spoiled) Dom. Still... even the best of Doms aren’t infallible, and this one almost lost his beautiful boy. He straightened his head out quickly enough, but by then his boy wasn’t quite so forgiving. If his stubborn sub is so damn resistant to reason, drastic measures are called for… right? What choice does a desperate Dom have but to resort to a tiny bit of kidnapping, and a wee touch of restraint and, well… I’ll let the author decide what else it’ll take to get them to their HEA.

Please no cheating or third parties, and a HEA is a must. Beyond that, author, push our boundaries as far as you dare. And yes, you may take that as a challenge.

And the photo itself that prompted the letter... oh man... I fell in love with it. It's the boots -- the boots next to those shackles!! That and a fully sated Dom holding his utterly exhausted sub...

The release of His comes in June(ish), along with loads of other free stories from the M/M Goodreads Group. They'll go to the group itself first, then will be available from the M/M Romance Group publishing site (plus the likes of Smashwords etc).

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Release for J.A. Jaken: Consort (The House of Silence, Volume 3)

Consort Buy Link

It's a new release for J.A. Jaken and the 3rd volume of The House of Silence trilogy, the Consort. With strong gothic suspense, it's also following true BDSM thrills and spills fashion.


On the surface, the business of the infamous House of Silence is obvious enough, but its carefully cultivated veneer of political neutrality is threatened when a lover from Master Charon’s youth arrives with an urgent message from the queen, prompting jealousy from Reiji and putting the whole house on edge.

The House’s unique resources are called upon to investigate one of the local cabals which is overstepping its bounds, snatching up disproportionate amounts of territory and capital beyond its domain. When Tam goes missing, Charon and the boys are caught up in a web of intrigue, peril, and sensuality that may end up costing them their lives.

Title: Consort
Genre: M/M Gothic Suspence BDSM
Length: Novel
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction
Buy Link: Fantastic Fiction, 
Series: The House of Silence
Author Website: J.A. Jaken

And for a little teaser:
“Good morning, Reiji.” Charon turned toward him and favored him with a smile of his own; Reiji contented himself with the fact that this was one of the honest ones, too. “How was your night last night?”
      “Busy.” Reiji shrugged. “Nothing I couldn’t handle.” His gaze moved to the stranger standing patiently at Charon’s side. “Who’s this?”
       The stranger’s eyebrow rose at his bluntness, but Charon answered him easily enough. “Forgive me. This is Lord Trenton Devereaux; he’s visiting us from the Siscaline Province. Trent, this is one of my senior boys and one of my most valued employees, Reiji Kendo.”
      “A pleasure to meet you, young man,” Devereaux said, inclining his head slightly. The deliberate courtesy toward someone of the working class—much less toward a whore—made Reiji’s raised hackles settle down slightly.
      “Likewise, I’m sure.” He couldn’t quite keep the twist of sarcasm out of his voice. He glanced at Charon, wondering again what the connection between the two of them was. Charon’s casual use of the nickname “Trent” snagged like a burr in the back of his mind.
    Charon sighed so discreetly that Reiji almost missed it. “Lord Devereaux is an old friend, Reiji. We knew each other years ago, before I ever came to the House of Silence.”
      Reiji’s eyes widened. Before Charon came to the House of Silence meant before he had packed his bags and turned his back on the capital, which meant that Trenton Devereaux had known him before he became “Charon Marque” at all. His gaze shifted to look at Devereaux with renewed interest.
         Reiji was one of only a handful of boys in the House of Silence who knew that Charon was actually a member of the royal family. If Charon had had his way, he would have kept that information a secret all the way to his grave, but events had transpired against them and he’d been forced to turn to his family for help while dealing with the aggressive and underhanded tactics of Lord Darwin Montgomery the previous winter. Like the others, Reiji had vowed to keep the secret for him.    Not because Charon was his boss, not because Charon held significant and undeniable power over each of them, not because Reiji owed the man his home and his life and whatever scraps of happiness he’d managed to carve out for himself here—but simply because Charon was Charon, and Reiji never could keep himself from doing anything the man asked of him.
    “Old school chums?” Reiji guessed, trying to banish the image of a preadolescent Charon toddling around the playground at school.
      Devereaux’s mouth curved in a smile. Unlike Charon’s, Reiji wasn’t quite sure how to read this one. “Something like that,” he said evenly.
       “I’ve invited Lord Devereaux to stay with us for a short while,” Charon said. “I hope you’ll extend him every courtesy for the duration of his stay.”
        Meaning if the man wanted to fuck him, Reiji was supposed to give him all the benefits of a paying client. That could be kind of interesting, actually; Reiji was dying to talk to him and find out more about the pre-House-of-Silence Charon.
        Devereaux glanced at Charon. “I believe you were planning to show me that intriguing indoor garden you were telling me about?”
      “Yes, of course.” Charon gave Reiji another small smile and gestured for Devereaux to precede him down the hall. “It’s right this way.”
       Before leaving, Devereaux turned toward Reiji one last time. “Mr. Kendo, it was truly an honor to meet you. It’s satisfying to know that Charon has such loyal employees looking out for him here.”
        “Someone has to,” Reiji retorted, uneasy with the man’s direct and—as far as he could tell—sincere gratitude. Just how close was he to Charon? He watched without moving as the two of them walked away.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cover Reveal & Interview with Cover Photographer: Elena Giorgi

Image & Cover Art by Elena Giorgio

This is such a rare pleasure for me. It’s not often that an author is given the opportunity to have a photographer provide an original image for one of her covers, and when I heard that this lady in particular might just be interested in working with me to revamp the Lost in the Echo cover, I couldn’t have been more ready to grab my work, sit down beside her, and just see where her imagination would go with a photo shoot.

The photographer in question is Ms. Elena Giorgi. A few weeks later -- with a delicious new cover for Lost in the Echo on the table in front of us -- I’m still reluctant to let the very artistic Ms. Giorgi walk away, not without finding out a little more about her and her work. So...

Elena, It’s really good to have you here.

Elena: My pleasure! Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you!
Besides providing the image for Lost in the Echo, I have a few of your prints here that show the scope of your talents.

Girl in Green (c) Giorgi

Turquoise (c) Giorgi
The shape shifting, surreal effect to the print above is one of my favourites. I know you’re a photographer from these, but can you tell us a little bit about you? The person behind the camera?
The story of my life in a nutshell: I was born in the UK, I grew up in Tuscany (Italy), and lived in 4 different European countries and 4 different states in the U.S. before settling in beautiful New Mexico. As for “what” I am, I’m first and foremost a scientist -- that’s how my brain works. But I wouldn’t be who I am without my two creative outlets: writing and photography.
There’s a lot of scope for inspiration in all of the places you have lived, and it’s sparked a writing talent too. How long have you been a photographer? What influenced you to first pick up a camera?
I’ve been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil and paintbrush. My first camera was a Sony point and shoot, which I used mainly to take pictures of things and people I wanted to paint. Painting is a demanding activity, though: you not only have to find the time to do it, you also need to have the right space. It’s a lot easier when you can afford a studio where you can keep up your work in progress for as long as you need. In my case, life took over: for about a decade we kept moving every other year, and the paintbrushes and paints ended up in a box, and, well, they stayed there. All those pictures I was still taking never turned into paintings. It finally dawned on me that I might as well perfect the one thing I was already doing: photography! I bought a used DSLR from a colleague, and once I discovered the freedom of being able to choose my own settings (aperture, ISO, exposure time, etc.) I felt like I had a whole new world to unravel. I started doing landscapes. I live in a place (New Mexico, USA) that offers staggering views and incredible skies, so it was the natural thing to do. I progressively moved on to macros, portraits, and now I’m doing the one thing I enjoy the most: photo composites, images that I create combining different pictures and backgrounds. It’s as if the cycle closed back, because compositing allows me to do what I used to do with my paintbrushes, except now my canvas is a JPEG file and I no longer need a studio. All I need is my laptop.
You recently won the December Self-Portrait Challenge over on G+, and you won it by submitting this self portrait here:

selfie (c) Giorgi
Can you tell us about this print and what influenced the self-portrait?
Believe it or not, the one thing that truly brought my photography to a completely new level has been joining G+ (the social network created by Google). First, because through G+ I met a lot of photographers whose work I truly admire. I learned a lot by studying their work and engaging in conversations with them. But also because G+ offers a lot of events – one being the self-portrait challenges – where you can push yourself. This particular event is a monthly challenge organized by “The Art of Self Portraiture” community. For the longest time I have been repelled by the idea of taking self-portraits. I look horrid in pictures, so I hide behind the camera viewfinder instead. But then I started doing composites and that’s when I discovered that taking a self-portrait is not about taking a picture of myself so I look pretty. You can use a self-portrait to tell a story. And yes, you could do the same with just any model, but what makes it easier to use yourself as a model is that you know the story you want to tell and you know what to do to re-enact it. And the fact that I’m not too fond of the way I look has forced me to be especially creative in the way I disguise myself, which, I confess can be a lot of fun! G+ has also given me a lot of exposure. One of my composites was picked as “popular” and currently has over twenty million views. That’s when I started getting requests for book covers.
As for the December challenge, it was a “seasonal” theme so I took a photo of myself in a Santa hat holding candy canes. It was quite challenging because I wanted to focus on the candy canes, not my face, and I wanted the candy canes to form a heart around my mouth. I used textures in Photoshop to add the snow effect and the “over-exposed” effect on me while keeping the hands and candy canes in focus.
Twenty million views – that’s staggering, and a stunning seasonal print. G+ looks as though it’s been a good social and commercial outlet for you. Can I ask, who are your influences in general, and why?
Between Facebook and G+, I follow a lot of amazing photographers. My favorite landscape photographer is Jeff Sullivan. I also love surreal photography and fine art portraits, and the people who awe me and inspire me the most are Brooke Shaden, Kirsty Mitchell, Reylia Slaby and Thomas Dodd. But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I keep discovering new talents online – the creativity is endless. The communities I mentioned above on G+ are an incredible source of inspiration. All the photographers I met on G+ have influenced me at some point during my journey, and the best part is that we support and encourage one another – that’s what makes us strive to keep doing better.
Now, the image for Lost in the Echo took you into a new and challenging area. I’ve seen the gorgeous result, but I’ve got to ask -- what was it like for you from behind the camera? Did it test your professional side at any point?
It’s always hard to work with a new model. You have to gain the model’s trust, make him/her feel comfortable knowing that you will make them look at their best. We started off chatting about the story premise—I wanted him to know what the story was about and why I had to blindfold him, [laughs]. Then off to the setting: I begin with my first idea, which, turned out to be the one I used for the cover. However, I never know ahead of time whether what I have in mind will look good on the screen, so we also tried some other poses. The hardest part was to keep serious—we both kept bursting out in laughter.
I think you have to keep that level of humour present when you have a model’s trust over being bound! With any work from your portfolio, if you had a choice of Galleries, where would you most like to see your prints on display?  
That’s a hard question! You know, I’m very lucky because I live one hour away from Santa Fe, which, I’m told, is the second largest art market here in the US, second only to New York. I feel very privileged that last year I could do my first solo exhibit right here in Santa Fe. I think my next goal is to try and be represented by one of the galleries in Santa Fe. Probably in spring I’ll haul a few of my works and drive down and just beg, er, I mean introduce myself around and see what happens.
[Chuckles] Along with your photography skills, you’re also an agented author. What kind of novels do you write?
Thrillers. I love action and I love to get my characters in a lot of trouble. I think it makes up for my long days spent in a cubicle at work.
Can you tell us about the novel you’re working on?
I just finished writing the first book in a new series set in the future. It features a murderous and sexy computer hacker, the biothreat federal agent who’s after her, an eccentric medical examiner, and a deadly pathogen. The world building was daunting at first. Even when I’m writing fiction, I research everything (location, people, history, etc.), but here I actually had to make up a whole society on my own. I solved the conundrum by doing both: I researched all the current state-of-the-art technology and then tried to imagine what it would look/be like one hundred years from now. I actually ended up having lots of fun with it. My agent just started shopping the book around, I’ve got fingers and toes tightly crossed!
I can hear the scientist and a love for facts in there. Do you think you’re more comfortable with writing from a male or female point of view, or doesn’t the gender of the MC hold any barriers for you?
The real “barrier” (though it doesn’t stop me from writing, so more than a barrier I would call it a challenge) is the voice more than the POV. No matter whether it’s male or female, young or old, I strive to give my POV characters their own voice. Success comes when you can tell the gender from the voice without knowing the character’s name. My first book series is written in first person, and the main character is a male LAPD detective. One of the agents who offered representation made me the best compliment ever: she said she had no idea I was a woman until she read my full name. At the time I wrote the book I’d read all the Philip Marlowe books and loved the voice. Like Marlowe, my detective is also from Los Angeles, so I wanted to continue in the noir tradition with the first person, witty and sarcastic narrative. I guess the ultimate judges will be the readers.
Knowing you’re both photographer and author raises a curious conundrum. Do you find there’s anything you can express more in photography than you can in writing, or vice versa?
That’s an interesting question. There are instances when I can picture the setting of a scene very vividly in my head but I struggle to find the right words to describe it. I find myself thinking, “If only I could take a picture…” But for the most part it’s the other way around. Photography has made me very aware of the light around me, and it does affect the way I write. I’m often describing light sources in my scenes and how the light falls on my characters and how it affects their vision.
The concept for Lost in the Echo came from a photo supplied by a reader through an annual "Dear Author, write-for-me" challenge on Goodreads. Have you ever used any of your own prints to inspire your writing?  
Not my own pictures, but I do browse images to inspire my writing all the time. For example, when I was researching the world building for my last book, I browsed a lot of futuristic buildings and architecture and I had a lot of fun doing that. Whenever my brain draws a blank on a particular setting for a scene I go to Google images, type a few keywords, and then inspiration suddenly comes to my screen in the form of beautiful images.
And lastly, where can people find you to look at your artwork or contact you if they are interested in using your works for cover art?
My photography website juts got a makeover and it’s got everything, from landscapes to composites: I also post new images regularly on my blog (together with a lot of other musings on science, writing, etc.):
All images on my website are available for licensing. Anyone interested can use the contact form on the website or contact me directly through eegiorgi (at) Please let me know which image you are interested in and how many prints you would need to produce. And of course I’m always open to new projects!
Elena, thank you so much for stopping by and having a chat with me today. It’s lovely getting to know you better. When your novel’s released, I’d love to have you back for a chat -- find out what it’s like for a photographer being on the author side and working with a cover artist!

I’m also going to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks for providing your visual concept to Lost in the Echo. It’s very special to me, not only because of its originality, and that it was taken with the novella specifically in mind, but also because it’s just been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for the opportunity. 
It has been my pleasure, Jack. I love making images and I love the concept of Lost in the Echo; it inspired me as soon as I read the premise. So intriguing! And of course, I can’t wait to come back in vest of a published author <insert huge grin here>.
Just as a final reminder, Elena's website can be found: here, and her blog can be found, here.