Out now for free download here: M/M Romance_His_by Jack L. Pyke

Title: His
Genre: M/M BDSM Contemporary
Author: Jack L. Pyke
Length: Novella
Price: Free
Forats: ePub, Mobi, PDF

Dear Author Letter from the Goodreads challenge (Suthors are given a letter and photo promt and them they write the story in question):

From Kim Alan.

Dear Author,
He offers such a pure, unfettered submission to the man strong enough to tame him; he’s the best thing that ever happened to this powerful (read: spoiled) Dom. Still... even the best of Doms aren’t infallible, and this one almost lost his beautiful boy. He straightened his head out quickly enough, but by then his boy wasn’t quite so forgiving. If his stubborn sub is so damn resistant to reason, drastic measures are called for… right? What choice does a desperate Dom have but to resort to a tiny bit of kidnapping, and a wee touch of restraint and, well… I’ll let the author decide what else it’ll take to get them to their HEA.
Please no cheating or third parties, and a HEA is a must. Beyond that, author, push our boundaries as far as you dare. And yes, you may take that as a challenge.

Thank you!

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