The fascination with BDSM. Hmmm, where to start...

I've been writing for about eight years but have only come into BDSM and Erotica within the past three. Most of that time has been spent getting to know the community and talking with BDSM consultants; the rest has been editing with one of the top M/M epublishers.
I personally blame my dark writing influences on living close to one of England's finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits my neck of the woods is renowned for, I take that into my writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is a drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tensions between two or more men in a D/s relationship, I'm the first to step back and let nature take its course.

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