Friday, 15 March 2013

Author SM Johnson on Don't...

Well, here goes, my first post besides a review... *looks around nervously* and...

Yesterday I was really thrilled to see SM Johnson, author of Above the Dungeon and other works, had reviewed Don't. Not only had she reviewed, but she'd also enjoyed it enough to discuss it on her blog.

Johnson discusses the MERGED-WORLD PROJECTS that Lynn Kelling and I are doing, which is good to see as it lets us know that word is getting around. The merged-world projects are certainly a "deep breath in, keep it there" experience for me, as I get to direct Ms Kelling's characters and... play. *grins devilishly*

For those interested, SM Johnson's Thursday Morning Coffee Session with Don't is here:

SM Johnson's Blog

And her review of Don't on Goodreads is here:

SM Johnson's Review on Goodreads

Wishing everyone a lovely Friday morning, also a quiet thank you to Ms Johnson.


  1. You're welcome! And welcome to Blogger. It's pretty nice here.

  2. Glad you stopped by, SM. ;) And thank you!