Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dark and Delicious: Jack and Cutter

I'm more than a little excited about this *does a little happy dance*. 

I've been given the go ahead to write a novella that will cover, in a special way, Jack and Cutter's time together (from Don't...). It ties into the sequel that's due out in the autumn/winter of 2013 (Antidote), and gets really close to everything Jack is trying to control: his dark and vicious Conduct Disorder side.

It goes back to scenes that show a side to Jack that's not really been explored to the full in Don't or Antidote. I'm not saying readers are going to like this side of Jack, but I'm sure going to love exploring it and sharing it with you. *Grins madly, and somewhat insanely*

DARK and DIRTY; it's what I love about writing, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Jack at his wildest.


  1. That is something I would love to read!

    1. Debra!! It's always good to see you here. :) I'm loving writing this. Jack and Gray are my favourite characters, so to get to cover how they met and the sparks surrounding that meeting too, it's really something. I hope you do enjoy it.