Friday, 23 August 2013

Review: Bite me Tender by Kate Lowell

Title: Bite me Tender
Author: Kate Lowell
Genre: LGBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Length: Novella

Stars Four Bright Stars

Ms Lowell dealt beautifully with one of my all-time favourite love-hate shifters in Bite me Tender: Mr Werewolf (Levi).

On to the main pairing. It's a strange mix, werewolf and witch, one where you step back, prepared to watch the usual dynamics play out: alpha wolf with a fall-into-line witch who just likes it a little more wilder than most, and who also just happens to have a few tricks up his sleeve. But this witch (Glyn) comes with a dangerously possessive side, one who knows how to confuse a wolf and leave him chasing his tail, and also lose the instinct to bite a lover.

Glyn is a little more complicated than Levi, dealing not only with fitting into the pack, which he doesn't; fitting into his own heritage of being a witch, which he doesn't; but also living with a wolf who has to sleep with men for his pack's survival, which, since Glyn arrived on the scene, Levi hasn't done either. And to top it all, Levi has OCD -- not good when you're sleeping and living with the wild.

Levi is far more straight forward: want it, sort it, get it, which leads him into a lot of trouble when he can't get what he wants from Glyn.

There were characters in this that made me growl, and for good reason, and Ms Lowell's command of language overall carried me through some very loving and raunchy scenes. I would have loved to have seen more of Levi through his past, really got to know his darker side (let him show his teeth more), but for a debut, this was a good little surprise.

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