Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Latest Release: Underground Erotica (Anthology: coming December 1st 2013)

Going dark... going sexy... going tasty teasers with tales from... Underground Erotica.

Anthology: Underground Erotica
Release Date: December 1st 2013
Short story title: Original Sin
Author: Jack L. Pyke (plus Maryn Blackburn, Karenna Colcroft, C.P. Foster, Lauren Gallagher, Erin Lark, Kate Lowell, and Cleo Peitsche)
Price: $3.99 (All proceeds go to Absolute Write, a writing community) Pre-order at All Romance Ebooks

I've put an early Christmas order in for the guy on this cover *whistles*. But Don't be fooled, although he's got a lovely lady by his side here, my short story "Original Sin" is very much pure male on male erotica. 

Original Sin. The reason why there's honour amongst thieves.
Barely touching his early twenties, Connor's opted for the safe life, just needing to make it through the factory work week without screwing up. But after being left in the middle of nowhere by his boss, Connor's only way to get back is to carjack a ride home.
Problem is, he’s not the only one with his eye on this particular prize. And this other watcher, he comes with a hell of a lot more experience at taking what isn’t his. Tonight, for screwing up his plans, Connor's about to be shown why you never sin against an original sinner.
And for a taste of what else is in store:

Welcome to the Underground!

The erotica authors of the Absolute Write are taking you underground—sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. Karenna Colcroft’s haunting story gives sex in public an unexpected twist, and Erin Lark makes waiting out a storm into something special—and hot!— before Kate Lowell draws you deep into a cave for a steamy encounter. Lauren Gallagher sends you back to the 1930s for some gambling, bootlegging, and a little forbidden ménage, while Maryn Blackburn brings two enemies together in the wintery depths of World War II.

If you’re in the mood for something extra spicy, you’ll love how C.P. Foster opens up a very new world for a curious barmaid. And stick around because Cleo Peitsche and Jack L. Pyke keep the kink coming.

Come join us—but fair warning. Once you go underground, you may never want to come back…

All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Absolute Write online community.

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