Saturday, 21 December 2013

Free Audio Excerpt Available: Antidote

The lovely guys over on Goodreads' BDSM Bedtime Stories have kindly provided an audio excerpt of Antidote, with the lovely Sirly Eric as narrator. It covers some serious play time with Jack, Jan, and Gray, with Gray up for more than a little... remastering of Jack. 

Antidote itself introduces a little of the Society of Masters shared-world project with Lynn Kelling's Deliver Us series. It's good to know because La Crimson Femme has also taken time out to interview Jack (with Gray) and someone Ms. Kelling herself knows quite well from her Deliver Us series. And, well, Gray and him... are playing Jack up a little as La tries to interview Jack. It gets a litlle wild with two top Doms causing some trouble over there, so just... be... warned.

For those interested in the audio & interview, here's the link to  Goodreads and also to La Crimsom Femme's blog.

But of course, the audio is available here too:

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