Monday, 27 January 2014

2014 News, Projects & Tours


1) Covering it all up: 

I'm a little awed with this bit of news, really, and it's left me wanting to get hold of the lady responsible and go Golem with her, all... precious, my precious.

The lady in question is a photographer, and she's (tentatively) agreed to redo my Lost in the Echo cover. This is particulary special because the image will be taken with Lost in the Echo in mind, which means I've just discovered there are professions that almost beat writing M/M -- arranging a photo shoot for m/m cover art coming top of that list:

The interplay between reader and writer is something special, but the first stop for most readers is cover art. As the author, I have a whole novel to define character and plot, and I love that I can draw images together at a slow pace. Cover artists have one page, one image, with font and colour helping to sell the whole multimodal package. It's the first thing a reader sees, bringing in a whole new intesity, in my eyes.

And to have this lady agree to work a cover for me *does a hell yes dance*. I'm really looking forward to working with this lady and seeing her her art.


2) Skins (Novel)

It's a new project for 2014, going... dark and somewhat brutal with shapeshifting. *Laughs nervously* I said dark and brutal, right?  I'll probably self-publish this one because of the hard content.

3) Killing Kink (Novel)

This project I've been working on for a while, and surrounds play between serial killers and the cop caught in between.

4) Anthologies...

I have a few plans for anthology shorts this year, a few of which surround some rather unusual concepts. But I'm all for the unusual.

5) Antidote (Novel)

Due out March (tentative release date).

6) Splintered Kisses (Novel, tie-in to Antidote)

I've loved writing this one! it ties into Antidote and sees Jack in all of his chaotic youth. He's dark, dirty, and generally one sadistic head case. Add Gray on the scene and how he deals with headcases...

This one is written and awaiting edits with FFP.

7) Gray Matters (Novel)

The last of mine in the SoM project, the Don't boys will be going out in true Gray style.

Progress: research stage.

There's an upcoming blog tour in March surrounding the Underground Erotica Anthology, with a load of prizes up for grabs. If Antidote is released at that point, I'll be offering up a copy of that in the main giveaway, also a copy of Underground Erotica.

Thank you for being with me through these projects.