Monday, 6 October 2014

Rainbow Award Finalist & Honorable Mention Award for Antidote

COMPLETELY FLOORED!! I'm still stunned from hearing this, to the ANTIDOTE manage to pick up an Honorable Mention Award at the 2014 Rainbow Awards, but she also made it as a Finalist in the Gay Mystery/Thriller catergory!! Alongside this, the stunning Lynn Kelling and her FORGIVE US novel (that borrows my Don't boys), also earned a fine Honorable Mention Award -- and made the Finalist list!
point I'm still  tentatively asking 'you sure?' Not ony did

It's really, really special to see both Society of Masters novels up there, and amongst such fine, outstanding authors too. Not to mention it's also double the fun for Lynn, as MY BROTHER'S LOVER is also on the Finalist list!
Hand on heart, I honestly thought Antidote would be too dark, too brutal, (and I know where Lynn's thoughts were going with My Brother's Lover too!), so I echo her words by saying: it's so damn good to see such an open-minded judging panel!

For Antidote's Honorable Mention Award, the judge's comments were gorgeous!

"Yes, this book is brutal, and painfully so, but the brutality is never glamorized. The intensity of emotion in this book is raw and honest. The main characters made me care deeply for their plight, although the antagonists were also well-drawn and not cardboard cutouts. Overall, an impressive story that gripped me from the beginning and makes me want to read the other books in the series."

So Again, just a huge thank you to those over at the 2014 Rainbow Awards for being so open to the darker side of romance! It's such a pleasure to see!


  1. Congratulations! Lynn Kelling sent out an em letting all of your fans know that you both made the finalist's list. Way to go!😄

    1. Laura! Thank you!!! :) I think me and Lynn are still dancing behind the scene! It's gorgeous just to get this far...

      And I need to sort a way to get an emailing... thing setup, lol!

      And thank you, Laura! :)