Monday, 2 February 2015

What Authors are Reading: Joseph Lance Tonlet on the Don't... Series

Bestselling Amazon author of Grif's Toy, Joseph Lance Tonlet, stopped by Bike Book Reviews a few days ago to discuss his favourite series, and I was completely floored to hear that Mr. Tonlet chose my Don't... series.

To have one as a favoutire is something, but the series as a whole... *blushes*. So this is just to say a huge thanks to Mr. Tonlet and, of course, his kind words.

There's a snippet below, but if you'd like to have a look at the full post, it can be found here: What Who Writes is Reading Joseph Lance Tonlet Bike Book Reviews.

"Jack’s writing is brave in its honesty, refreshing in its unflinching nature, and bold in its intensity."
                                                             JLT on the Don't... series
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