Sunday, 15 September 2013

Coming Free on Audio: Antidote & Forgive Us Our Sins (Excerpts)

It's great to finally share this. Two FREE audio excerpts from the yet-to-be-released Don't 2 and Deliver Us 3 shared-world projects are scheduled for seperate release in December. They come from the lovely people in the Goodreads' BDSM Group and their BDSM Bedtime Story excerpts.

One audio excerpt will be taken from the gorgeously talented Ms. Kelling and her Forgive Us Our Sins novel (from her Deliver Us series). And the second will be taken from my sequel to Don't... Antidote.  

To coincide with each of these audio releases, on the day of the Forgive Us Our Sins' excerpt, Ms. Kelling will be interviewed by the lovely La Crimson Femme from the BDSM Group, where Ms. Kelling will hopefully be divulging a few secrets on the shared-world projects. On the release of my Antidote excerpt, La Crimson Femme will be interviewing Gray Raoul, where hopefully she'll gain an insight into just why Gray would be allowing anyone to share his world outside of Jack and Jan. No guarantees, no promises he'll answer, though.

Now, I've heard Sirly Eric, the lovely gent who's going to do the audio for both excerpts, and as biased as I'm going to be here, he's got one hell of a seductive purr to his voice *Shivers*. I'm looking forward to hearing how he's going to handle Gray, Jack, and Jan in a scene together. And having read Ms. Kelling's extract *whistles happily, 'cause Kelling is letting loose two of my favourite guys out of the Deliver Us series for this: Ben and Kyle (so tries to stop fangirling too)*, I'm really looking forward to hearing Forgive Us Our Sins on audio.

Once the audio has been released to the members of the BDSM Group, a link will then be made availble on both here and Ms. Kelling's blog.

Hopefully (and I'm crossing fingers, toes, and noses here), the audio and interviews will tie-in with the release of both Antidote and Forgive Us Our Sins this winter. Hopefully (I said hopefully a few times, right?).

Be great to have you along with us for eveything that's coming this December.

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