Monday, 23 September 2013

Interview at Boys In Our Books

The lovely Boys in our Books interviewed me today (23/9). The questions hit a different persepctive for me, just coming at it from a reader's pov, albeit an author/reader one. Getting the time to get comfy and talk about books is something I love, so it was good to rave about what hits the spot for me and why. And there were some lovely people who stopped by to join in and make it a really enjoyable ride.

Professionalism pretty much flies out of the window when I'm talking about characters and plots that leave me floored, jealousy can set in, too, lol, especially when I sit there thinking, I wish to God I'd written that. I fall hopelessly for certain tyes of characters, and if the story grips, pretty much all sense of time flies out the window.   

So this is just a thanks for the lovely team over at BIOB for hosting (putting up, lol) with me today.

For anyone interested, the interview is here, at Boys in our Books.

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