Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It'll be all right on the Night.

I swear, sometimes I need banning from the computer. As far as screw-ups and and bad ideas go, I should come with a warning, or maybe a bag over my head. Yeah, definitely a bag, mostly to try and hide the chuckles and groans. 

My latest glitches? Oh man... they're beauties.

On trying to decide titles, I'll always bounce a few ideas back and forth with hubby. For example, Antidote went through many, including Anti-Don't (which hubby still thinks sounds better, being his idea, lol). So trying to settle on a title for a novella, one that really sums up the dark fallout of vicious psychological mind games, we started doing the usual, just brainstorming and throwing out ideas, when bright sprak, me, chirps in with, "Ah -- Between the Cracks."

Hubby went very quiet, very quickly, then failed to keep the growing grin off his face. "Between the Cracks? Seriously?" he said. "Erotica, and you're going... Between the Cracks? Jack... for godssake, take a break."

Took me a while to catch on, then, yeah, I knew I needed a break. Didn't help later when hubby, one of my beta's, sat back and chuckled after reading a very serious scene of mine.

"Around the clock surveillance, hmmm?" he said, peering over at me.

"Yeah? I know it seems extreme, but it needs that there." I said.

"Hmmmm? Better read it again, Jack, and just make you sure you want that particlular line in there."

I did: 
"You're on lockdown until I can arrange around the cock surveillance."

"Cock surveillance? Really?" Hubby tried so hard not to laugh. "You need another break, don't you, Jack?"

"Yeah," I mumbled, sinking into my coat and hiding. "Maybe just a little one."  

Sometimes I really need to step back and take one hell of a serious break.

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