Monday, 14 April 2014

Antidote Release Date

Antidote has been given a release date for May 13th 2014.

For those of you who would like to know, there's a 'Coming Soon' page on the publisher's website, Forbidden Fiction, so if there are any possibe changes to this date, any change will be noted there.

Antidote is the sequel to Don't..., and it is also a minor part in  the Society of Masters project with Lynn Kelling. Lynn Kelling's Forgive Us is the main novel in the SoM project.

Tiltle: Antidote
Genre: M/M BDSM Dark Thriller
Length: Novel
Formats: Print/ebook

Antidote Blurb:

Video footage of Jack Harrison sleeping with Cutter, a man who has mutilated teenagers, should have stayed dead and buried with the man who had filmed it. Yet when footage to Jack’s past starts appearing on Internet porn sites, Jack’s whole world is again turned on its head. At first the porn links are done to unsettle, to disrupt Jack’s fire and ice world: all the sexed-up adrenaline of being caught between the pleasure to Gray Raoul's BDSM kink, and the gentleness of Jan Richards’ vanilla touch. But when the content of the porn sites force even Gray to turn his back on Jack, leaving Jack isolated and away from the full protection of the Master’s Circle, Jack is left at the mercy of a group of men who are out to alter Jack’s whole perception on his BDSM lifestyle.

As brutally as possible, Jack’s sex life is now live webcam feed for a whole new audience

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