Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pre-Order Available: Antidote & Forgive Us

Antidote and Lynn Kelling's Forgive Us (that introduces Jack, Jan and Gray into her Deliver Us seires) are now available for pre-order. *Does a little pre-order dance*

*Whispers* If they're pre-ordered and bought through the the publishing site, both Lynn and I take home a higher royalty percentage. (hint-hint!)

Antidote can be pre-ordered (earning double Fantastic Fiction points for all pre-orders) from here: Fantastic Fiction: Antidote. (Published 13th May)

Forgive Us can be pre-orderd (earning the same double points) from here: Fantastic Fiction: Forgive Us. (Published 6th May).

Ms. Kelling's novel will definitely be using Jack, Jan, and Gray to the full in her novel. I've read it. Loved it. And highly recommend it. Go see what the boys get up to in America first!

Disclaimer: although I have seen Ms. Kelling work her magic on my characters, I earn no profit from Ms. Kelling's novel, and Ms. Kelling none from mine. We have no financial ties in this shared-world project, just an innvestment to share characters, worlds, and have a heap of fun in the process.

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