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Euro Pride Con 2015: Munich -- Are You Going?

REGISTRATION is now open for:
Euro Pride Con 2015!1!

What is Euro Pride Con?

Euro Pride Con is a gathering of fans of LGBT fiction and media, which will be held over the weekend of July 11/12, 2015 in Munich, Germany. This weekend coincides with the city’s Pride celebrations that attendees will have the option to be a part of!

The convention itself will offer the chance to fans of LGBT fiction to meet authors and publishers, discuss their favourite books, trade ideas, and generally hang out with a group of like-minded people.

In the USA, there’s several LGBT fiction conventions that run through the year, however there’s only one in the whole of Europe (the brilliant UK GLBT Fiction Meet). Euro Pride Con will bring together writers and readers from all over Europe to get together over one fantastic weekend.

Munich is a beautiful city and a great choice for the first year of the convention. It’s fairly central in Europe and has an international airport. The convention will be held at the Sheraton Arabella Park, a beautiful hotel right in the centre of the city.

What does the schedule look like?

We’re still currently hammering out the finer details of the schedule, although we already have guest speakers in RJ Scott and Jay Bell, who’s book Something Like Summer is being adapted into a movie.

At Euro Pride Con we're hoping to offer something slightly different during the day. Instead of front-led panels, we’ll be hosting a series of interactive workshops on a range of different topics. These workshops will be led by any combination of author, reader, reviewer and publisher, which we hope will expose all attendees to a range of different thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints.

If you’d like to be involved in a panel please email us at – spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t wait too long! The convention will start on Saturday, however, for anyone who arrives in the city early there will be activities planned in the city on Friday afternoon.


-We have an interactive Co-Writing Panel with Aleksander Voinov and L.A. Witt as well as Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock, two of the best-know writing teams in the genre.

-We have a BDSM Panel with Anna Martin and a surprise guest that we will keep secret for now

-We have a friendly Battle Royal with Dani Elle Maas (owner of and reviewer at Love Bytes Reviews) and myself (Marc Fleischhauer, owner of and reviewer at Rainbow Gold Reviews) about Reviews. It is sure to be a lively discussion.

-There will be a Gay Sex Ed 101, as weirdly that topic is often not handled in-depth in most sex ed classes and we want to change that and clear up some misconceptions in a fun and educational way.

- The Never-Ending Story, a panel about how to keep an ongoing story fresh and interesting, how to stay true to the rules, details and characters, how connect the books in an effective way and everything that comes with a series. This discussion will show different point-of-views like what readers want and expect, what publishers look for, what cover designers do to connect the books in a series visually, which trends bloggers encounter and which challenges authors face.

- ‪#‎SocialMedia, a panel that will discuss the challenges, limitations and advantages of effectively using the tools available to readers, authors, publishers, bloggers, cover designers and artists.

- Not Your Average Romantic Hero, a panel about main protagonists who defy norms in fiction with their looks, jobs, behavior, the challenges they face, their cultural heritage or anything that is outside the comfort zone for mainstream readers and thus seen as risky.

-Other Worlds, a panel about the many amazing worlds authors create and their unique magic that pulls readers out of their daily lives into a different universe.

-The New Frontiers, a panel about the opportunities of the booming M/M Audiobook Market, translations into different languages to tap into European Markets with increasing interest for LGBT content in fiction and the first careful steps of LGBT movies based on critically acclaimed books like Jay Bell's 'Something Like Summer' that are sponsored by the readers and people who want to see them.

-Young Adult/ New Adult: The Gateway Into Mainstream

A panel about the YA/NA genres that are increasingly integrated into mainstream through libraries and award/ critical recognition and carry important LGBT themes, characters and most importantly hope.

Please note, this is just a selection of planned panels and we reserve the right to change or replace them. We want you to have an idea of what you can expect. Our panels aim to move away from the common front-led panels and offer interactive workshops and in-depth discussions that value the different experiences and point-of-views of our diverse panelists.

Additional Opportunities

We are in talks with several well-know publishers, including local publishers, to offer authors, bloggers, publishers and book designers the chance to connect and potentially work together on projects like new, original books, translations of published books, audiobook versions of published books and more.

Buy Books from Authors and Publishers and get them signed by the authors.


Attendees at Euro Pride Con have two options:

- Register as an attendee
Attendees will have access to all workshops and events over the course of the weekend.

- Register as a featured attendee
Featured attendees can be authors, bloggers, cover artists, editors, or anyone who would like to promote themselves and their work over the course of the weekend. Featured attendees will be given a spot at the signing on Sunday, the option to give out “swag”, will be featured on blogs and social media leading up to the event, and can take part in leading any of the workshops (subject to places being available).

All tickets include dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

All payments need to be made in Euros (you can convert the price to your local currency at ). Our preferred method of payment is through PayPal (which will automatically make the payment in Euros) though if you don’t have a PayPal account please email us at and we can make alternative arrangements.

Staying in Munich
The hotel where the convention is being held is the beautiful Sheraton Arabella Park –

However there are other hotels close by, if you’d prefer to stay off-site.

If you’d like to make a reservation at the Sheraton, please use the link above, or use this link - - for the phone number to call (depending on where you live!)

If there’s anything we can do to help make your stay in Munich more enjoyable, please feel free to contact the Euro Pride Con organisers.

CONTACT: (eMail), Facebook Page, Forum

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