Friday, 12 April 2013

Caught in the Writing Act

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Sometimes the ups and downs of writing can make me feel like I'm out in the middle of a crowd with my skirt tucked in my pants, all screw-ups on full display, especially in those early days.

So, to celebrate the whole process of wearing our hearts on our sleeve, regardless of any screw-ups that may/may not occur, a few Goodreads' authors over in the M/M group's Love Has No Boundaries "Dear Author" challenge have decided to join together and do a little hop (no knickers on display, hopefully).

Over the next few weeks, we'll post something up that shows some of thinking going on behind the stories we're creating, or snippets of detail that wouldn't otherwise be known about the characters we're starting to paint, just something that shows how serious we get when it comes to bringing everything to life.

The first hop goes to the lovely Kate Lowell. She's starting everything off with a nice easy blurb, and that's more or less our theme this week just to ease ourselves gently into things. Link here: Kate Lowell's blog and her Goodreads link is here: Goodreads' Link (Members Only)

*Chuckles* One of these days I'm going to have the courage to do an out-take post, just note down all the screw-ups with writing that have kept my partner in laughs for years (yeah, yeah, the 'g' on keyboard is waaaay too close to 'h' on the keyboard, so trying to write a heated scene with 'the gardener' just asks for 'the hardener', if you ask me -- I know my faults, lol).

On the hop, hopefully you'll join us, because in the end it will lead to seven great free m/m stories (with access to so many more, from so many talented M/M writers). 

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