Sunday, 7 April 2013

Review: MINDFUCK by Jessi Bond

Title: MindFuck
Author Jessi Bond

Rating: 2
Genre: M/M, light BDSM. Psych-play

First off, the cover to this is stunning, added to the title MindFuck, who wouldn't be tempted? I had really high expectations of this, kind of like wanting something along the lines of Shaun Hutson's Shadows, only with a darker m/m twist.

We first meet the main guy Blake Underwood going through your typical "psychic" show, all onstage and obviously loving what he does. After spotting a young man in the crowd and wanting to try and use every trick in the book to make him comfortable, headgames come into play, only it's not in the form that Blake expects.

This promised so much, and I really wanted that creepy, screw with your head, screw with your body feeling that I love with these kinds of books. Only something didn't quite hit the mark.

The overall problem was that it was just too short. Everything meeded more: more build-up, more suspense, more sexual tension. The writing style itself holds a lot of promise and the concept (artwork, and title) were all very good, but the "Mindfuck" itself didn't hold true to its promise.

So the low rating itself isn't because of any technical faults, it's purely because this short promised so much, but just didn't deliver on content -- and I really wanted it to.

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