Monday, 13 May 2013

Blog Hop Update: Absolutely Erotic

We're roughly  a third of the way through Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop, and there's been some great interviews and comments so far. Just as a reminder of who's hosting which author, and what days, here's the timetable with updatd links.

  On This Date:
This Author:
...Is Interviewing:
May 8th
Erika Lindsen
May 9th
Mina Kelly
May 10th
Thea Landen
May 11th
Charley Descoteaux
May 12th
J.M. Keep
May 13th
M.C. Hana
May 14th
Jack L. Pyke
May 15th
Ravon Silvius
May 16th
Jocelyn Dex
May 17th
Tara Quan
May 18th
Anna Zabo
May 19th
Scarlet Day
May 20th
Scarlet Day
S. A. Meade
May 21st
S. A. Meade
Erin Lark
May 22nd
Erin Lark
Azalea Moone
May 23rd
Azalea Moone 
L. A. Witt

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