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Meet William: Week Five

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It’s week 5 of the LHNB thread hop over on the Goodreads' M/M Group, and this week it’s: “If someone is going to run in to your MC by accident, where would your MC most likely be? And what would it look like?”

Well…. There’s no other way around this… I’ve got to mention it, and it’s giving something away about Will that’s going to change things slightly, but—

Like any foster dad with a seventeen-year-old in the house, Will would mostly be found stuck behind the steering wheel of his Rover saying, “Where to now, kid?” Quickly followed by, “There’s such things as buses, y’know,” and then, “Ejector seats come as standard in this car.”

If you were to run into him, it would probably be into the back of his car as yours kisses his bumper, of course followed by a few choice swear words as Will stands there scratching at his head, surveying the damage. With just a few small hours to himself, he’d offer a shrug, a smile, then just point in utter defeat at his foster kid, who’s now there going: “Ouch. That’s gonna cost, Wills. I told you to take the A6.”



“Have I convinced you yet?” Ignoring all other bikes on display at the bike show, James started to pace the motorbike as Will forced himself to focus on the leather seat that creaked under his own touch. “Come on.” James was almost dancing, and Will knew if he left the kid hanging on any longer, he would swing into full mosh-pit mode: all energy and a will to get noticed kicking in.

“After that stunt this morning?”

“Uh-huh, like that is it?” James gave a sniff to his nose, then giving a cry—he fell to his knees and gripped at Will’s leg, his head hugging close to Will’s hip. “Don’t leave me, please, Dad,” he cried at the top of his voice, and Will instantly tried to shove him off as he grimaced a smile at the people who turned heads in their direction. “Dad, I love you. And, my room—I’ll promise to pick up that one lone sock up off my cold—damp—”

“Get up—”

“—carpetless, cell of a windowless room—”

“Get up,” Will forced through his teeth, not knowing whether to laugh or run and hide underneath several thousand rocks with how people were staring.

But James wasn’t finished. “Even though I share that small room with five, like—eight, eight other of your shirtless, shoeless off-springs. We all love you, Dad, s—”

“For goddsake, Jay, pleeeease.”

Giving a grin up at Will, James pushed to his feet and started to dust down Will’s jacket, then he looked at the onlookers. “Okay, move on. Nothing to see here.” He waved the bewildered bunch away, and they carried on with a few shoulder shrugs and wide-eyed glances back at them. “Mmmm,” said James, now patting his own jeans down. “Don’t do the whole ‘look at me, I’m gorgeous’ thing too much, do you, Will?”

“You’ve got enough showmanship for both of us,” said Will, fighting off the burns to his cheeks as the sales rep finally came over, now the man had stopped wetting himself with laughter over in the distance.

“So.” The salesman grinned at Will. “I take it that this young chap’s got his eye on this bike?”

Will rolled his eyes. “The whole pleading thing a usual around here, is it?”

The salesman nodded. “You’d be surprised. Although the men are usually older, and a lot bigger too.”

Week 6 will be the final week, but it's title reveal time, *does a little title reveal dance* as well as being Will's favourite childhood memory. It would be good to see you here, or especially over on Goodreads where this story will be a free read in June.

Picture "Fashion Shot Of A Young Man" courtesy of:  Photostock:FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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