Thursday, 2 May 2013

Week Three: William (Goodreads' LHNB "Dear Author" Free Short Story)

It's week three of the LHNB thread hop, and this time it's Paper or Plastic (yep, I had no clue either, lol). The Short Story has officially been finished and handed over to the wonderful Goodreads' team in the M/M group. It should (hopefully) be available in June. But for now...

Jack: [Knocks on door] Paper or plastic, guys?

Kidnapper: Jack, I thought you’d got the hint to go home.

Jack: Just one more question, I promise. Paper or plastic?

Will: Paper or plastic what, Jack?

Jack: shopping bags. What do you use when you go shopping? Paper or plastic? Which one, guys?

Kidnapper: Because I do the whole skipping down a shopping aisle throwing food into a basket?

Jack: Alcohol, then. Paper or plastic bag for your alcohol. You look the type for that.

Kidnapper: My throat.

Jack: Ohhhhhkay [mumbles something about psycho]. And you, Will – paper or plastic?

Will: A knife to cut through this rope?

Jack: Ah. Still an awkward time, is it?

Kidnapper: Yes.

Will: No – no. Stay. Talking’s good.

Kidnapper: Go away, Jack.

Will: [shouts] Wait. Paper -- paper. And there are two in my house – next to my phone, you know, my phone and access to a few cops?

Kidnapper: [Chuckles] Go away, Jack. Me and Will need some alone time.


A little extract (names have been disguised to protect the oh so very wicked):

“Would it be so bad?” the man breathed into Will’s ear. “If I took you now, like this—” His hands traced along the ropes, then found Will’s bound hands. “—would it really be so bad if I took you bound down like this?”

Picture "Fashion Shot Of A Young Man" courtesy of: Photostock:FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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